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SIP Fireball 100XD Diesel Space Heater - 09564

Fireball 100XD heavy duty painted heater gives off 100,000 BTU (29.3kW) heat output which is ideal to heat areas up to 700m³ (24,720 cu.ft) with ease. Ideal for use in well ventilated areas, this heater featured 2 x pneumatic tyres which have been designed to tackle any terrain making this heater very easy to move around.

Using an average of 2.8 litre of diesel / paraffin per hour, this heater has been manufactured with a large 40 litre fuel tank which allows it to heat for longer without the need to refuel. This 40 litre fuel tank is of a steel construction for a heavier duty heater. Requires a 230v electric supply.

Featuring a built in thermostat which allows you to regulate the temperature of the space to be heated which allows saves money on fuel consumption.



  • 100,000 BTU / 29.3kW
  • Wheel Mounted
  • Heavy Duty Paint Finish
  • Built in Thermostat
  • 40 Litre Fuel Tank